30 May 2021 Luke Goldsworthy

Maintaining Your Online Store

Victoria being forced into lockdown 4.0 is another powerful reminder that to survive in business in the age of Covid, you need to be able to flourish online. But it’s not enough to just get online, you’ve got to be great at it – and stay great at it.

So many factors go into making a great online store. You need an engaging and responsive design and user experience. You need the right products, and at the right price. You need to get your checkout practices and fulfilment right too. Browse through our blog archive and you’ll get a sense of just how many things you can focus on and improve.

Once you have achieved all this and created your great online store, your job isn’t done. If you want to maximise your sales, you need to keep working to maintain your store – regularly fine tuning and optimising its performance and your offering. If you think a great online store is created to “set and forget”, then you’ll soon find that you are the one that’s being forgotten.

Maintenance isn’t just about making sure everything is working well on the backend, such as deploying code updates and security patches, but also refreshing the frontend to add new features and content, improving the customer experience and leading to increased conversions.

Failure to maintain your eCommerce website can result in an interruption to your business, stagnation of customer engagement, and ultimately loss of revenue and loss of reputation in the market. You will be more prone to hackers, more likely to fail on future updates, may be considered suspicious by web browsers, may decrease your Google site ranking, and may experience slowed down site traffic. You will also fail to attract new customers, keep existing ones, and grow your business.

TL;DR: Maintenance = Success.

To avoid the pitfall of poor maintenance, create a plan setting out what maintenance needs to be carried out, and at what frequency. Then create a schedule with notifications and responsibilities to ensure that you stick to the plan.

There are three types of maintenance you should focus on:

  • Security maintenance – you should schedule website backups and regularly check for any newly released updates and patches.
  • Marketing maintenance – you should consistently add SEO-driven content, check for broken links, and post social media content consistent with your messaging.
  • Storefront maintenance – you should regularly update your product offering, and offer fresh promotions and price changes.

Big Commerce has written an in-depth guide to maintenance, which you can read here.

When you make any changes to your store, benefit from what made your initial launch successful and repeat those steps. Think about the mission of your business, and your competitive advantage. Maintenance isn’t about arbitrary change, but growth. Apply the passion and perseverance that drove you to your launch when doing your maintenance, and you’ll have an online store that customers want to continue engaging with.

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