20 January 2021 Luke Goldsworthy

Rapid Deployment Packages

At The Playhouse Group, we’ve launched our Magento Accelerator, which you may have seen recently mentioned in some of our blogs. It enables businesses to quickly and affordably go live with an online store, with ready to deploy modular, pre-configured solutions built on industry and leading functional practices. You can activate your site in 4-6 weeks with:

  • Industry-Specific Designs
  • Pre-Coded Functionalities
  • Essential Integration

Our Magento Accelerator is a Rapid Deployment Package, born out of the online retail boom during the coronavirus pandemic, which has seen many businesses that only previously had a bricks and mortar presence rush to set up eCommerce websites.

It is suited to businesses with aggressive growth strategies that need to launch a revenue-generating site fast. It will get you online and in business, able to engage customers, expand your presence, and most importantly transact and maximise revenue.

Ideal for those seeking more than just a SaaS offering, it can grow with a business while still meeting current budgetary requirements. Built on the Magento 2 platform, our Magento Accelerator allows integration with your existing technology as well as the ability to rollout new capabilities as opportunities arise.

To help you make the most of our Magento Accelerator, or any Rapid Deployment Package, here are some key considerations:


We will work with you to keep your goals clearly defined and focused during the scoping phase, helping you avoid the dreaded “scope creep” that sees both budgets and delivery times blow out. Even subtle and minor changes to the technical requirements for your website can have a significant impact if left unchecked. There are several factors that can cause scope creep, not all of which are avoidable, but to help minimise it, we will work with you to:

  • Complete a Scope of Work Assessment
  • Outline the Scope of Work in your Contract
  • Define a Review Process with you

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

It can be tempting to try and launch with a full array of functionality, but with this you can say goodbye to the deployment being quick and affordable. What is important is to launch with a MVP that is scalable in the long term and enables the site to develop as the business does – and after you are generating revenue.

Our Magento Accelerator provides this scalable MVP, allowing you to quickly and affordably launch with a website that provides fundamentals such as a landing page, product and category pages, a checkout and payment options.

Rely on Our Experience

At The Playhouse Group we are experts in both traditional and online retail. We are here to help you. This may be your first foray into eCommerce, but it’s a long way from ours. Your business can save significant time and money by learning from our experience, starting from our very first meeting. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions, especially during the scoping phase where we whittle down your goals and the parameters of your MVP for launch.

After the launch we will still be here for you, and ready to help your business and your website grow. The capabilities of Magento are near limitless, but the goal now is to get you online quickly and affordably.

If you’d like to find out more about The Playhouse Group’s Magento Accelerator, just click the button below to set up an obligation free consultation to discuss this or any of your other eCommerce needs.

With decades of experience and as a certified Magento partner, The Playhouse Group can help your business maximise its online sales capabilities. Get in touch with our team and we can talk to you about this or any other eCommerce questions you may have.