6 January 2021 Luke Goldsworthy

Predictions for 2021

If the last twelve months have taught us anything, it’s that making predictions can be a tricky business. We learnt from 2020 the value of and growth in online retailing, as we discussed here last month. Now it’s time to consider what trends we may see in eCommerce in 2021, as the world slowly comes to grips with Covid-19 and vaccinations are rolled out.

Here are some of the key trends to keep an eye on:

Digital Transformation

Our lives were already shifting online before the coronavirus hit, but now the trend is accelerating at an exponential rate. Working from home, holding zoom meetings, streaming sport and entertainment, and shopping online are the norm. This will continue throughout 2021 as behaviour has changed through the past extraordinary twelve months.

If a business hopes to survive in these times, it must have a digital presence – especially if it’s a retail business. We even see a rise in direct-to-customer transactions, as manufacturers are sidestepping the traditional supply chain to take control of their sales. We recently discussed the direct-to-customer model here.

Growth in Marketplace Shopping

Marketplaces, such as Amazon, provide another channel for your products. For businesses that have just entered the online retail space due to the pandemic, it can be a cheap and effective way to get to market without the upfront expense of developing your own website. 

Marketplaces provide high customer convenience and satisfaction and benefit from high traffic reach. However, marketplaces should ideally be used as a complement to your own eCommerce website. It is important to capture customer data to develop your business, which is restricted in marketplaces. Additionally, it is harder to develop a brand without your own online presence.

As we discussed last April, marketplaces are not just for B2C companies but are increasingly being used to grow B2B sales. Learn how to build your B2B marketplace now.


As the coronavirus subsides, attention will return to the environment and sustainability. This will be accelerated as the US rejoins the Paris Agreement with the incoming administration of President-elect Biden. Even the laggard Australian government looks poised to commit to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Sustainability is no longer something for niche brands to differentiate themselves, but an expectation of most customers.

Last month we discussed here some ways in which you can move your business towards sustainable eCommerce.

2021 will be online. Now is the time to ready.

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