18 May 2020 Luke Goldsworthy

What’s your sales events plan?

The challenges of the past six months are unrivalled in our living memory. The skies were blackened with smoke as an area close to the size of England burnt. Our rivers ran dry crippled by drought. But even these disasters couldn’t prepare us for the Covid-19 pandemic. Not a single Australian has escaped the impact of the greatest health crisis in a century. It has literally shut down the country, and unloaded a volley of punches on our economy. The retail community is at the core of the economic downturn, but it hasn’t been negative for those well positioned. 

AlphaBeta provides weekly tracking data on the effects of the coronavirus on the Australian economy. It gives valuable insight into which categories are performing best now. Food delivery leads the way, up 258%. Following are furniture and office (155%), online gambling (114%), home improvement (57%), alcohol and tobacco (48%) and department stores (44%). 

The shining light for the broader retail community in these times has been the jump in online sales. From February figures provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, seven per cent of all retail sales in the country were online. In in the United States it’s 12 per cent, and in the United Kingdom close to 20 per cent.

Those numbers will have jumped significantly in the past three months as businesses evolve their strategies to cope with the new environment we all find ourselves in. This has included everything from adapting product selection through to providing social distancing contactless delivery services.

“A lot of retailers are probably taking a hard look at their store networks right now and considering whether they can survive without some of their physical stores in the future,” says Jo-Anne Hui-Miller, editor of industry publication Inside Retail.

News Corp reported this month that music and gaming stores, and even some home appliance retailers, may move their entire operations online after its contribution to sales jumped from less than 10 per cent to more than 30 per cent in a matter of weeks. Many stores that shut under the lockdown are choosing not to reopen.

In Australia we have now weathered the worst of the storm. Restrictions are easing, and opportunities are returning. Citizens are no longer focused on hoarding, but are willing to spend. To help that happen, sales events are returning – and we want you to take advantage of them. 

Brace yourself for Click Frenzy Mayhem Sale on May 19, EOFY sales in June, Amazon Prime Day in July, leading into the crazy Christmas sales period including Singles Day, Click Frenzy’s Sale that Stops a Nation and Cyber Monday. Australia has no shortage of sales events upcoming this year.

But are you ready to capture sales and make up lost ground?

Here at Playhouse, as the co-founder and former Business Development Director of Click Frenzy, I’m in a unique position to guide you through the online sales event maze so you can maximise the opportunity.

Not only can we assist you with a review of your current site’s capabilities but we are also well versed in product selection, landing page set up, cart and checkout improvements and hosting expansion.

Click Frenzy Mayhem starts at 7:00 pm on Tuesday May 19, and with 99%-off deals for members, the who’s who in retail getting involved, thousands of deals, and unprecedented online traffic, the team at Playhouse can help you get the most out of whats certainly going to be online mayhem.

With the launch of the Lets Regrow campaign focused on getting retailers involved, make sure you jump on board and let us ensure your online strategy is agile, robust, safe and secure, and gets the most out of the 53 hour sale.

Whether its Click Frenzy Mayhem or any other upcoming sales event we are here to help.

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