19 February 2020 Luke Hilton

Magento Commerce update

Photo by Clément H on Unsplash

The Magento Commerce 2.3.4 update has dropped, providing a range of fixes and new attributes to the platform designed to build engaging customer experiences. Here are some of the key highlights:

– Enhancements to Page Builder

Magento is making content a meaningful differentiator for merchants and has built on the capabilities of Page Builder, which it launched last March. Merchants are now able to control how their products are shown, sorted by product position in a category or list of product SKUs, or by predefined measures such as name, price, stock status etc. The products can be showcased either in static grids or in rotating image carousels. 

When using the Venia storefront theme in Page Builder, Magento optimises content in advance for better rendering. Additionally, unstructured content generated by Page Builder that is saved into a database is now converted into structured content. 

– Page Builder and PWA Studio Compatibility

There has been a rapid increase in the use of Progressive Web App (PWA) Studio for building headless storefronts over the past year, and Magento is making managing these PWAs easier for merchants. 

PWA Studio provides a foundation for developers to build, deploy, and maintain Magento-powered PWAs, and now content created with Page Builder can be rendered in the PWA Studio’s Venia reference storefront, bringing the power of Page Builder to PWA Studio-based storefronts.

Jason Woosley, VP Commerce Product & Platform, Adobe, said of the update: “An important step on the journey towards making PWAs a great solution for all of our merchants is the ability to edit content that will be presented in a PWA Studio frontend within Page Builder. We have brought these two powerful features together to enable speed to market across all devices and experiences.”

– Adobe Stock Integration

For merchants that don’t produce their own media assets, Magento has provided integration with its parent company’s Adobe Stock image library. Now images from Adobe Stock can be added to websites from within the Magento admin, streamlining workflow. This is the first integration of Magento with Creative Cloud and no doubt just the first of many to access the powerful Adobe suite of creative tools. 

To coincide with this Magento is offering merchants a free, one-time allocation of Adobe Stock credits in certain circumstances.

– Chat Powered by Dotdigital

Merchants can now get one free agent with the addition of Chat to the Vender Bundled Extension (VBE) from dotdigital, which was integrated into the platform with the 2.2.2 update. Chat agents can manage multiple conversations with customers and prospects, including sending and receiving files such as demo videos, marketing information, and receipts. Additionally, Chat is able to upsell customers by recommending different products or ones complementary to previous purchases.

Chat provides instant replies to inquiries, and when properly integrated with a merchant’s site can give a head start to generating revenue and removing barriers to sales.

Additionally updated with Magento Commerce 2.3.4 include the release of PWA Studio 5.0.0, improved GraphQL coverage for headless storefront development, improved B2B features, and a variety of performance, infrastructure and security enhancements and updates.

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