12 April 2018 Luke Goldsworthy


Do you know exactly how many clicks your customers need to make to locate and get a product through to your cart and checkout? With the rise of mobile eCommerce, making it quick and easy to get your customers through to the point of sale is essential if not imperative for the success of your online business. In this article, we take on the topic and help you to evaluate if too many clicks are actually reducing your online selling capabilities.

The Three-Click Rule
Essentially, this is a rule that all website designers should adhere to when planning out your website navigation. Customer or User Experience is all about making it as easy as possible for visitors and potential customers to your site or store to find and buy what they need. The three-click rule basically means that it should take them no more than three clicks to get to their precise point of interest. This is founded upon the theory that if it takes someone too long to find what they need, they will quickly lose interest, get frustrated, and move onto the next place to try and buy their goods or services.

Why Is This Important?
Typically referred to as the UX or UI, what the customer see’s when they view your website, and the experience they get will ultimately determine whether or not they choose to do business with you. A design review of your website will help you to get to the bottom of any issues and ultimately, it will allow you to reduce barriers to sales that might otherwise be going unnoticed in your business or on your website.

Get More Sales for Your eCommerce Business
Could improving your UX/UI be the key that unlocks more sales for your online store? We certainly believe that it can help you improve your online sales yes. However, you do not need to just take our word for it. Countless organization and studies have proven that by giving your customers what they need, quickly; can actually help improve conversion rates and give your customers a much better customer experience overall. There have been numerous articles, that state the alarming figure attached to abandoned carts. In 2015, this figure was at $5 trillion! By adding the element of simplicity to your website design and getting a design review, you could be one of the savvy e-commerce stores that capitalize on these fallout figures.

One-Step Check-Out
The checkout procedure is a fundamental element of your sales cycle. You have put in so much work and effort to get customers to this point, losing them here, just as they are about to buy, is disappointing, to say the least. However, it is probably just as frustrating for them as it is for you. Whether you are looking at Mobile Vs. Desktop or just one of those independently, reducing barriers to sales is a top priority. Implementing a one-step check-out can significantly heighten your conversion rates and reduce cart abandonment at the same time. The benefits of a one-step checkout on Magento are clearly documented and verified. By taking the time to optimize this process you will be able to secure more sales today, and also secure the future business of these customers by delivering a transparent, easy to use service that delivers to them what they need, without any hassle.

By reducing the number of clicks needed to get to the checkout point, you are giving your customers a quick, hassle-free way to buy your products will help you to convert more and gain more repeat sales as a result of the improved UI/UX.

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