29 March 2018 Luke Goldsworthy


What Exactly is an endless aisle kiosk?

An endless aisle kiosk is an extension of your retail store, but in the digital sense. These are in-store information kiosks that once in place, require very little physical input. They give your customers the ability to look at other products you might stock, which are not currently displayed in store.

  • It combines the convenience and experience of retail shopping, with the additional fulfilment benefits of shopping online. It will give your retail customers a better experience and the ability to choose from a wider range of products that your retail capacity will allow.
  • Endless Aisle allows your customers to order products online which they can later collect instore, at a time that suits them.
  • It gives them the assurance of knowing that a particular product is available at your store before they travel to buy it.
  • It can also provide additional help if there are any transactional issues with making the actual purchase of the product.

What are the benefits of endless aisle?

  • It can improve your retail customer experience
  • It gives your customers more choice and convenience
  • It can help you to sell more, using less retail space
  • Gives both customers and retail staff a resource for extended product information
  • Improve cross-selling results
  • It is a great way to capture leads in store
  • It is a convenient self-serve option that alleviates the pressures put on your retail personnel
  • Customers can get tailored advice and suggestions for products
  • You will maximise lost revenue from not having the right stock in store when it is needed
  • You can reduce physical inventory and reduce floor space while offering a greater choice of products

Hailed as the absolute answer for omnichannel retail solutions, endless aisle gives customers that feeling of instant gratification they expect when shopping today. It is the perfect marriage of online and offline retailing system capabilities.

Retail Giant Debenhams implemented Endless Aisle into their business model and reported that they had managed to ‘save’ more than £10 million in sales which would have otherwise been lost due to stock shortages and store inventory levels.

Our most successful implementations of endless aisle have involved Magento’s multi-site capabilities so your kiosk is just another website managed by your team. You have access to the same products, cms pages and banners which gives you operational efficiencies. Your coupon codes and promotions work online and offline. Your customers have a streamlined experience as they have access to saved credit cards, shipping and billing addresses. With the growth of payment methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Android Pay the one click pay (or tap) is regularly more efficient than standing in line. Whats not to LOVE! (Luke H , Online Strategy Consultant)

Investing in endless aisle for your ecommerce or retail business can positively affect your bottom line. We find it enhances the customer experience and alleviates some of the pressures placed on retail staff as customers are self-servicing more. Click here to see a recent project completed with the Thorn Group and their use of Kiosk for Radio Rentals.

If you want a retail solution that is going to propel your business both online and offline, then get in touch and we can help put an endless aisle strategy in place. Contact Barry via our contact form below.

In the dynamic world of eCommerce, IT capability can outstrip a retailers’ ability to maximise the effectiveness of the tools they own or are about to select. Playhouse commercialises the eCommerce proposition for its clients and manages their digital journey in four key areas – Strategy, Design, Mentoring, and Implementation.

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