Real time consultation, discussion and advice services.

We believe that smart clients are good clients. We help our clients be smarter through constant mentoring, by imparting knowledge at every organisational level.
We support our clients with guidance, ideas and advice across all levels of understanding.

We help our clients be smarter by drawing parallels with their core business and competencies. We guide them through each phase, ensuring their path into multi channel retail is a familiar one.

We understand that our clients do not need immeasurable advice from consultants who walk away when the real work begins.

That’s why we immerse ourselves into our clients’ projects and guide them at every level of their digital journey.
Our clients need real-time advice, industry knowledge and benchmarking information.

Often they need a sounding board, a knowledge source to bounce ideas off of.

Every member of the Playhouse team offers real-time assistance and in-depth, up-to-date knowledge of every aspect of multichannel retail.

Our clients know that answers are just a phone-call away.

Smart clients make business decisions in confidence knowing all Playhouse recommendations and advice are backed by hard data.

Smart clients know that multichannel retail success requires more than just digital experience; it requires an understanding of core retail principles. Our retail background ensures successful top-to-bottom multichannel retail success.

We mentor, assist, guide and train from the first phone call onwards.