Target Australia Search and Navigation Redesign

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Challenge:To provide a complete search and navigation platform for a constantly evolving online store with over 20,000 products. A fundamental requirement was to deliver a seamless, “Targeted“ experience to loyal Target customers.
Background:Search and navigation are two of the most important aspects of any online retail site. The users navigation and search experience within a website forms the framework of  their engagement with a retail offering, as critically as walls and shelves in a traditional ultram retail precinct. A seamless navigation experience, enabling customers to discover what they are looking for, make the experience memorable and empowering.
Result:Through a focussed program of analysis, UX tests, goal definition and mentoring, Playhouse guided Target through the roll out of a vastly improved Search and Navigation solution. User paths have been aligned within the new layout and design , reflected in a 66% increase in eCommerce revenue derived from search and navigation.