Sportscraft Birthday email

Sportscraft Birthday Autoresponder


  • Sportscraft


  • Automated sending commenced May 2012


  • Email Marketing design
  • Full Service email
Challenge: Building a loyal customer base is essential to ongoing commercial success, and one of the best ways to build this loyalty is to demonstrate that you know more, and care more about your customers than competitors. The challenge was to leverage existing customer loyalty and deploy a communication solution that entrenched Sportscraft brand loyalty and engagement and extracted Sportscraft’s brand identity.
Background: Customers have moved on from the one size fits all, mass market approach, and now respond to a much more personalized, emotional level of connection with brands they choose to include in their lives. Creating a connection with customers is more important today than ever before and with a myriad of touch points available at all times, the depth of engagement is more relevant than ever before. A customer may skim through a catalogue, casually browse the “Specials” racks or have a glance online, but a more emotional and personal connection greatly increases the chances of building a longer term, loyal relationship.
Result: Delivering a bespoke, personalised and relevant message to Sportscraft customers and reinforcing brand commitment with a generous offer, at a perfect time to celebrate, has been a resounding success. Around half of the recipients of this communication take the time out of their busy birthday to open the communication, so we know they love receiving this special Birthday message. Sportscraft are using this communication tool to foster the type of relationship they were seeking to build with their customer base. And as the communication is an automated, no fuss solution Sportcraft can simply sit back and watch the happy customers roll in !