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  • Commenced automated sending May 2012


  • Email Marketing design
  • Full Service email
Challenge:  As the first contact is the most important opportunity to impress prospective customers, an elegant introduction to the brand was deemed to a critical element of developing a long term relationship rather than simply extracting a transaction.
Background:  Customer acquisition, retention and activation are some of the most important aspects of any communication strategy. The users initial experience may be gleaned from an instore experience or via a visit to a website or even via exposure to a brand via social media or personal network . Irrespective of the initial contact source , a consistent branded experience and relevant consumer messaging across all touchpoints encourages a deeper engagement with a brand, fostering entrenched brand loyalty and multi-dimensionalises the brand, essentially bringing it to life in consumers hearts and minds.
Result:   With a deep understanding of the SABA branding and direction, Playhouse assisted with the incorporation of best practice disciplines into the initial communication between SABA and their important new customers. Playhouse empowered SABA through the roll out of a targeted , triggered, offer driven communication and vastly improved the first impression made on SABA customers . SABA customers have embraced the Welcome email , the relevance of the communication is highlighted with a high rate of click through and reflected in an encouraging number of new customers activations and initial transactions.