Bendon Lingerie Australia and New Zealand now Mobile Optimised

Bendon Lingerie Mobile Optimised Header
Challenge:To provide a mobile optimised browsing and purchasing experience for Bendon Lingerie Australia and New Zealand. A fundamental requirement was to reduce excessive bounce rate and increase the eCommerce conversion rate for leading mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad.
Background: Smartphone penetration within Australia has doubled since 2010, reaching 72% Mobile penetration therefore serving up a seamless and streamlined mobile browsing experience was a necessity for Bendon Lingerie.  The Bendon Lingerie eCommerce Conversion Rate and bounce rate was well below site averages and therefore a strategic focus for the business.
Result:A new mobile optimised website was launched in May 2013 for Bendon Lingerie Australia and New Zealand after a focussed program of analysis, UX tests, goal definition and mentoring.  Playhouse guided and co-developed with Bendon the new mobile optimised websites which has resulted in an Online Retail Mobile Site of the Year 2013 nomination.  Mobile device bounce rate have decreased to less than site average and eCommerce Conversion Rate now exceeds the site average.  Revenue generated from mobile devices such as iPhone has increased by 100% since launch.