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  • Launch FY2014


  • eCommerce Consulting
  • Platform Selection
  • Web Development & Integration

Big retailers can be prone to overspending and under delivering on online projects. ALDI wanted to enter the market, but avoid any major website project delays and have a responsible level of investment during the introductory phase. Playhouse provided a more start-up centric approach by offering a holistic solution that phased in features and functionality as it made sense from a revenue point of view. A detailed scoping phase was undertaken before any costings were put together, and only then were recommendations delivered.

Step 1: Show why big projects don’t need to be big projects. The functionality of all website platforms is vastly similar – you can crash a big website, and you can crash a small one, the key is finding a singular vision and sticking to it. Most eCommerce sites are not taking full advantage of the core tools of the product they have paid for, yet often want to add more and increase complexity to avoid falling behind. A little discipline can avoid major pitfalls that actually slow down the site and take sales away as opposed to adding the uplift they claimed.

Step 2: Partner with subject matter experts who can multitask and translate.
Retailer’s regularly battle with the decision of whether to hire a full ultram digital team or use a blended model of internal capabilities and external subject matter experts. When working with external experts it’s important to build a level of trust and to ensure all partners work together on a common goal. ALDI along with Playhouse and partners have built a team that actively works together for the benefit of ALDI, is empowered to suggest change and challenge if necessary.

Step 3: Once the rules are set, maintain focus on what helps the customer.

The key here was to ensure that the team gained the experience of smooth operation – if the website is ticking away with no major issues, you can look at reviewing initial forecasts and business model, and then decide on a logical set of next steps. Often, the best things you can do to increase sales are – adding information, modifying pricing, removing obstacles to navigation & improving the delivery model. Online shopping is about convenience and ease of use. Support your customer in these areas and reap the benefits of loyalty.


After 2 years of growth, ALDI has a solid foundation for the future, with sales practically doubling year on year and conversion rates exceeding industry KPI’s.